The Secret

The greatest secret of life is the Law of Attraction. Before I understood this greatest of all secrets, I used to wonder how some of us are so lucky. They have it all. Good life, money, power, limousine and a great family life, everything that makes one a success. At the same time most of us are struggling. There seems to be a lack of everything. A streak of unhappiness seems to tear through their lives. I am sure most of you must be going through this phase in life. It is just that you have not yet known The Secret.

The Secret has been known to people through the ages. Great kings and emperors knew it all along and harnessed its power. Some of the best minds in this world like Einstein, Newton, Thoreau and Edison have acknowledged the infallible Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is quite simple really. Many of us are successfully applying the law in our life without even realizing it.

It all begins with a seed and bursts forth into the tree of life. Likewise, all action begins with a thought. Good thoughts beget good thoughts. Bad, negative thoughts give rise to more negativity. Like attracts like. One should attract positive thoughts. These thoughts would invariably result in positive action. Each positive action will pave the way to more positivity. One question I hear most often is: “How can I summon positive thoughts when all I feel is sadness, misery and loss?” There is no person on this earth who has never felt happy even if momentarily. Listen to your favorite music, recall your first crush, a childhood picnic, maybe! Get on to your favorite flight of fantasy and fly away into the clouds of happiness. And don’t let the feeling go. Belief and faith move mountains.

What do you really want? Holiday in Caribbean islands? It is yours. Don’t ask how or why. Don’t think “I don’t have any money for this holiday”. Think you are on your way. Simply visualize you being there, swimming in the emerald green waters. And you will be there. Just affirm and reaffirm your thoughts. The magic is in your thoughts. Nothing else matters. It is the law of nature. The positive energy you give out with each positive thought builds up into a train of positive vibrations and culminates into an affirmative action. Wealth, success and prosperity are yours for the asking.

Think and ye shall receive.

Attraction Accelerator Report, The Secret, Bob Proctor, Stephen Pierce


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